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The Drug Guys Tell All - Miles To Go -Episode 3 – Spice Update 2012

Hello and welcome to the Miles To Go Drug Education radio show where the Drug Guys tell all to simplify a complex subject. On this show, we report the news about prevention research, parenting, pop culture, and education all to raise healthy, happy well-rounded kids.

This week Jonathan is going to discuss the issues and new laws pertaining to the synthetic drugs known as fake marijuana. This excerpt came from a recent parent meeting discussing the new laws in California specifically regarding the New Penalties for Possession of Synthetic Cannabis Products

We’ve been getting many questions from schools and parents regarding this subject, so to give you more information on this subject, we’ve included a pdf of articles, news and links on our teacher’s page of our website at

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The Drug Guys Tell All - Miles To Go - Episode 2

Episode 2: Drug Fact Updates, Book Chats, Listener QuestionsClick here
Hello and welcome to the Miles To Go Drug Education radio show where the Drug Guys tell all to simplify a complex subject. On this show, we report the news about prevention research, parenting, pop culture, and education all to raise healthy, happy well-rounded kids.

1. Favorite stories

a. Gummy bears in vodka/alcohol
b. Athletes challenge: Surfing association joins
c. Opposite problem with New Zealandgrandparents

2. Book chats: How to use twitter & where to find it on our website

3. Listener question: I’m a recovering addict, when do I tell my children about their family history?
a. Don’t over-answer
b. Early, but keep the conversation going
c. Be age appropriate
d. Don’t lie
e. Look for opportunities
f. Be honest
g. Look for opportunities to continue the conversation without lecturing
h. Educate yourself a bit everyday – use our twitter

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8 Tips For Safe New Year's Eve 2011

Miles To Go's 8 Tips For A Safe New Year's Eve:
® Designate your driver before the party.
® Separate the alcoholic drinks from the non-alcoholic drinks.
® Provide different cups for anyone under 21.
® Don't serve sparkling ciders or non-alcoholic beverages in champagne glasses to your guests who are under 21. You can use a special glass, just not the same type your adult drinkers use.
® Surprise the guests who snoop in your medicine cabinet with a marble trap: just arrange a fragile nest of marbles that will spill out if the door is opened.
® Don't have any marbles? Put this in your medicine cabinet. Click here for pdf printable sign on our website.
® Let your kids see you and your friends having fun without getting drunk.
® Don't use acetaminophen (Tylenol) with alcohol or after drinking.
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The Great American Smokeout – November 17th, 2011 -- Integrating the discussion into your classroom

The Great American Smokeout 11/17/11
Integrating The Discussion Into Your Classroom
In This Issue
The Great American Smokeout
CYAN - Fav Website
ACS - American Cancer Society
How To Quit
2nd hand smoke
Helpful reference links
CA Smoking Rates
How to contact us
The month of November brings us one of the most proactive topics of the year. The third Thursday of November (the week before Thanksgiving) marks an annual event called the Great American Smokeout. The American Cancer Society (ACS) challenges Americans to stop smoking for 24 hours to kick off what they hope will be a change in lifestyle that will last forever. It all began in the mid 70's when Massachusetts, Minnesota and California presented public challenges for smokers to give up their cigarettes. In 1976, the California division of the ACS successfully encouraged nearly one million smokers to quit for the day. The annual event has flourished, and each year smokers choose this day to mark the beginning of the end of their smoking.
We encourage you to integrate this topic into your classroom discussions. We have provided several ways to do this below.
Here is our new favorite website. The California Youth Advocacy Network has updated their website to include a Youth Section filled with great information and resources for your class projects.
Be sure to look at their Tobacco and Hollywood Campaign - working to eliminate tobacco use from youth-rated films.
Integrate the discussion: Create your own school advertising campaign to help others learn. Integrate this topic for the week in art, homeroom, health, advisors, technology/media class etc.
Here are some tips from the American Cancer Society (ACS) website:
In 2009 "The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act" was signed into law and gives the FDA the authority to regulate the sale, manufacturing, and marketing of tobacco products and protects children from tobacco industry's marketing practices.
On the ACS website they have a fantastic calculator that can tell a smoker how many cigarettes they smoke per day, month or year and how much it costs them to smoke.
Integrate the discussion as a classroom project for math, health, homeroom etc. One of our schools made a spinning wheel of death using cigarette smoking as a basis for mathematical calculations.
How To Quit
Make the decision to quit
* Set a quit date and choose a help plan
* Learn how to handle withdrawal
* Staying quit (maintenance)
Research shows that smokers are most successful in kicking the habit when they have some means of support, such as:
* nicotine replacement products
* counseling
* stop-smoking groups
* telephone smoking cessation hotlines
* prescription medicine to lessen cravings
* guide books
* encouragement and support from friends and family members
How To Help A Friend -
Many People say "It Is One Of The Hardest Drugs To Quit!"
As a friend or family member of a smoker, you are in an uncomfortable situation. Tobacco smoking damages nearly every organ in the human body, is linked to at least 15 different cancers including: lung, larynx (voice box), oral cavity (mouth, tongue, and lips), pharynx (throat), esophagus, stomach, pancreas, cervix, kidney, bladder, acute myeloid leukemia.
You should know that it may take several attempts to quit and relapse is part of the process for some people. With each relapse, the smoker can become more disillusioned. Encourage them to set another date to quit. The sooner they try again and the longer they remain smoke-free each time will increase their confidence and success.
*Integrate the discussion - Have a classroom discussion about how difficult it is to help someone to quit. Practice how to use "I" statements and research available methods of quitting in your community. Does your library, counseling or health/nurse office have available information?
Secondhand smoke - "A known human carcinogen (cancer causing agent)"
If the smoker claims they aren't concerned about their own health, they should consider here is what family members are up against as a consequence of living with a smoker. Secondhand smoke comes from sidestream smoke (smoke that comes from the end of the lit cigarette, pipe or cigar) and mainstream smoke (smoke that is exhaled by a smoker).
In the United States alone, each year it is responsible for:
* An estimated 46,000 deaths from heart disease in non-smokers who live with smokers.
* About 3,400 lung cancer deaths in non-smoking adults.
* Other breathing problems in non-smokers, including coughing, mucus, chest discomfort, and reduced lung function.
* Up to 300,000 lung infections (such as pneumonia and bronchitis) in children younger than 18 months of age, which result in 7,500 to 15,000 hospitalizations.
* Increases in the number and severity of asthma attacks in about 200,000 to 1 million children who have asthma.
*More than 750,000 middle ear infections in children.
*Secondhand smoke may be related to breast cancer.
Integrate the discussion: Make a list of all the ways that people can accidentally be around secondhand smoke and a list of all the ways to avoid it. Work as a group to find polite ways to excuse yourself from a smoking person, room or area without insulting the smoker or hurting their feelings.
Pets and cigarette smoke
It's not just the humans that smokers should worry about; their pets are inhaling the smoke as well. ( has a page explaining the toxins that our pets are exposed to.
If you have a loved one who is ready to quit smoking, they don't have to wait another year to quit. In an attempt to reduce the 5.4 million yearly deaths from tobacco-related health problems, World No Tobacco Day (sponsored by the World Health Organization since 1987) is observed around the world on May 31st.
Cats are known to get cancer from licking the tar off of their fur when cleaning themselves.
Other references for help:
American Heart Association - Telephone: 1-800-AHA-USA-1 (1-800-242-8721)
Internet Address:
American Lung Association - Telephone: 1-800-LUNG-USA (1-800-586-4872)
Internet Address:
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -Internet Address:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Office on Smoking and Health
Internet Address:
National Cancer Institute -Telephone: 1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237)
Internet Address: -(Info on state phone-based quitting programs)
Telephone: 1-800-QUITNOW (1-800-784-8669) -
Internet Address:
Californians Unite
California proudly has the second lowest smoking rate (11.9% of adults smoke - CDPH 2010) in the country. With positive and gentle encouragement we could be the leaders of the nation in smoke free communities. If you have a loved one who is not ready to quit, plant the seed and put it on the calendar to quit the next time the Great American Smokeout or World No Tobacco Day comes around.

Pot Candy Alert - THC Lace Halloween Candy Alert

THC (Pot/Marijuana) Laced Halloween Candy Alert
In the old days, we were worried about needles and razor blades in our children's Halloween candy. Now we have something else to watch out for... pot laced candy. We live in a world of the easy-to-get medical marijuana license, so parents of teens keep an eye out for unusual smelling or tasting candy that raises suspicion in your teen's candy bag. Watch for easy to confuse packaging that mimics common foods and products.
Melissa McBride of ABC News Los Angeles provided an excellent report on Friday, 10/28/11 with the LA Sheriff's Department linked below
Items discussed in this report:
Candy, soda, chocolate, lollypops, cheese crackers, pretzel snacks.
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Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet 10/29/11

Miles To Go supports the DEA's
National Take Back Initiative
October 29, 2011
10am - 2pm
The DEA has scheduled another National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, October 29, 2011, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. to provide a venue for persons who want to dispose of unwanted and unused prescription drugs.
Parents need to re-think how they deal
with medications in the home.
In our new book, The Mother's Checklist of Drug Prevention, we went so far as to suggest:
Maybe we should start calling the medicine chest the "potential to kill my children drug overdose, addiction, and death locker" instead, and see if attitudes about the compounds kept there change.
Below is a section about medications from our new book:
Establish a Pattern:
Medicine and OTC Drugs
Talk to your children about the fact that medicines are drugs, and that we don't need to be afraid of them, but we do need to respect their powers to help and to harm.
Make it a rule: Your children are not allowed to take any medicine, no matter what kind, unless you know about it and have given permission for it to be used.
Teach your children to check for expiration dates. This includes commonly used medications like Tylenol, Advil and Aleve, etc. If you take expired medicine, it might not work as well as it should, which could lead to more frequent or larger doses than are safe. Some medicines, such as tetracycline, become toxic after the expiration date.
Teach your children the importance of following the directions that come with medications. As a first step: You know that folded piece of paper you pull out of the box and immediately chuck into the garbage? Stop doing that! There is a wealth of information about dosage and safe use on it that you should take the time to read. At a minimum, you should read all sections that have anything to do with dose, safety, warnings, dangers, and especially a section called "contraindications," which warns you about other drugs, foods, and beverages that should not be taken at the same time the medicine is used.
If your children are too young to read, at least let them see and hear you read the directions aloud. Teach them to follow directions for medicine to the letter.
We know it's really hard to stand by and watch your children suffer when they are sick or in pain, but for young children, sometimes the medicine is worse than the symptoms. In the past few years, the FDA has issued numerous warnings directing parents to stop using cold medications for children under the age of two. Thousands of emergency room visits and dozens of deaths have been reported as a result of reactions to these medications.
In 2011, new FDA warnings also cautioned against the use of solutions or gels which contain benzocaine on children under two, due to the risk of a rare but possibly fatal condition that limits the amount of oxygen their red blood cells can carry. The most commonly used medicines of this type are drops used to reduce the pain associated with teething in infants.
Talk to your children about the dangers of sharing medications, either by taking medicine intended for others or by giving medicine intended for them to other children.
Reading labels doesn't stop at medicines. Help your children to read and understand other labels as well. Energy drinks are currently not required to list the amount of caffeine they contain, although some do in an effort to draw in people looking for a big jolt of caffeine.
Labels on foods list ingredients by their predominance, with the highest percentages first, so if sugar, high fructose corn syrup or other sugary ingredients are high up on the list, you can be pretty sure it's not health food. Kelly also adds in her classes on reading labels, "If you can't pronounce it, you should think twice about putting it in your mouth."

Mid Summer Drug Fact Updates

Getting caught up with Drug Fact Update postings on Blogger: if you can't read this, go to our website: to the Drug Fact Update page.

Mid Summer
Drug Fact Updates 2011
In this issue:
Walk Like MADD Update
New Book announcement: The Mother's Checklist of Drug Prevention
Drug Fact Updates from Twitter
Walk Like MADD 5K - Huntington Beach, CA
We did it! We walked the walk against drinking and driving! It was an outstanding walk on an overcast morning right on the beach. There was lots of fan support and some extremely touching stories about people who have been impacted by drunk drivers. For a couple of us it was excellent excercise!
Not only did we walk, but thanks to Michelle Gouvion and The Argyros Foundation (walker: Lisa Argyros - who was the top fund raiser for the entire event!) we were the top educational fund raising team. Thank you to both moms for helping kick off our first year walking like MADD.
Team Miles To Go is signed up for 5/12/12 to Walk Like MADD again. We encourage all parents and teens to join us for the walk. Not only do you show your support to the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, but you teach your children that your words are serious when it comes to drinking and driving! Send us an email to sign up now to walk with us next May! We'll notify you when the 2012 page is up and running for registration.
The Mother's Checklist of Drug Prevention
Lessons in Drug Prevention: Handbook Two
Fall 2011
We are pleased to say that our first book Not All Kids Do Drugs was very well received and is being reprinted. Before we reprint, we would love to add your comments to the book. If you would like to share your kind words we'd love to add them to the book jacket.
Please send your comments to
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Below you'll find our most recent Twitter postings.
These Drug Fact Updates are recent research and articles
to help you simplify a complex subject.
Tweets 2010 - 2011 School Year
* Alcohol related emergencies double for underage males 4th of July -
* Look what Palm Beach County is doing! Xllnt party rules. New Law Penalizes Open House Parties
* Research reveals new secret weapon for Tour de France: Beetroot juice:
* Brown University Research examines Dentists' role in painkiller abuse:
* Pill Mix-Ups Force Acetaminophen Product Recalls - in Public Health & Policy:
* ADHD_news Playtime Helps ADHD Kids Learn Social Skills: Study -
* Sober High Schools Have Been Wildly Successful. So Why are They Becoming Extinct? | The Fix:
* Medical News: Obesity Fills In for Smoking as Major Killer - in Primary Care, Obesity from MedPage Today:
* ONDCP unveils plan to reduce prescription drug abuse
* Your brain on nicotine: Nicotine receptors affect social behavior:
* How social pressure can affect what we remember Scientists track brain activity as false memories form:
* Medical News: Txt Msg Helps Smkrs Quit - in Primary Care, Smoking & Tobacco from MedPage Today:
* DisneyPixar The future isn't about doing just one thing and doing it well. It's about the challenge of doing/knowing many things and constantly growing.
* Drink-fueled memory blackouts among students predict future injury risk:
* Text message support for smokers doubles quit rates:
* New CASA Report Finds Adolescent Substance Use at Epidemic Levels -
* article from WebMD: How to Quit Smoking and Stay Quit
* Alcohol blamed for high suicide rates in Northern Ireland:
* Authorities Say Detroit a "Hotbed" For Opioids Sold in Other States | The Partnership at
* We knew this was coming: Synthetic Marijuana Makers Change Formulation to Evade DEA Ban | Partnership at
* Thank you, Nike Pulls "Dope" and "Get High" T-Shirts From Boston Window Display | The Partnership at
* A sad commentary: More NYC moms are using pot to unwind from parenthood -
* Mom sues a Cornell University fraternity for hazing. Son dies with a .409 BAC while tied up. Shame on you Sigma Alpha Epsilon!
* A little practice can change the brain in a lasting way, study finds:
* Possible brain damage in young adult binge-drinkers revealed in new study:
* Medical News: Video Violence Keeps Kids Awake - in Pediatrics, General Pediatrics from MedPage Today:
* Newport Menthol Cigarette Ads Target African-American Students, Study Finds | The Partnership at
* Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse Problems on the Rise | The Partnership at
* Addiction to Prescription Painkillers Fuels Wave of Pharmacy Robberies | The Partnership at
* counselinginfo New regulation on rehabilitation of drug addicts
* Smoking and Drinking Coffee Can Make You Go Broke
* eeeekkkk - don't know if this is a good business move! Lawn & Garden Co. Targets Medical Marijuana Market
* One-Quarter of Drivers in Single-Vehicle Crashes Test Positive for Drugs | The Partnership at
* Mom's Smoking Affects Child's HDL Levels - in Cardiovascular, Dyslipidemia from MedPage Today:
* Check this out: Social Networking for Kids:
* Many Heavy Cocaine Users May Have Symptomless Heart Damage | The Partnership at
* House Committee Report Signals Concern About Prescription Drugs in the Military | The Partnership at
* Nike Refuses to Remove 'Dope' and 'Get High' T-Shirts From Boston Window Display | The Partnership at
* Obese Teen Girls Have More Than Double the Risk of High-Level Nicotine Addiction | The Partnership at
* Smoking May Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer Recurrence, Death - Harvard School of Public Health
* Jackass star dead drunk driving-more than 2x legal limit of alcohol was found in his body. Yes, he will be in Drugged & Dead presentation
* Senators Call on FDA to Regulate Dissolvable Tobacco Products | The Partnership at
* Number of College Athletes Testing Positive for Marijuana Jumps | The Partnership at
* FDA Unveils Grim Cigarette Warning Labels
* Smoking Tied to Worse Prostate Ca Survival - in Oncology/Hematology, Prostate Cancer from MedPage Today:
* Medical News: Cigarette Graphics Get Gory - in Primary Care, Smoking & Tobacco from MedPage Today:
* Peer-Based, On-Campus Programs Aim to Promote Culture of Recovery at College | The Partnership at
* Drunk Driving Risk Remains High Even When Driver is Just 'Buzzed' | The Partnership at
* Family and Friends Are Main Source of Misused Prescription Opioids, Study Suggests | The Partnership at
* States Look to Reduce Toll of Boating Accidents Caused by Drinking | The Partnership at
* Contaminated coke leading to 'dying' skin - LA Daily News
* Cocaine Inflicts 'Silent' Damage to the Heart - in Cardiovascular, CHF from MedPage Today:
* New Cigarette Labels Will Graphically Illustrate Consequences of Smoking | The Partnership at
* Rise in Popularity of Synthetic Drugs in PA Leads to Jump in Drugged Driving Arrests | The Partnership at
* Army Takes Steps to Curb Prescription Drug Abuse | The Partnership at
* FDA Says Smoking Cessation Drug Can Lead to Heart Problems | The Partnership at
* Emergency Room Visits Rise for Drug-Related Suicide Attempts in Young Men | The Partnership at
* Army Takes Steps to Curb Prescription Drug Abuse | The Partnership at
* Lung Cancer Deaths in Women Decline - in Oncology/Hematology, Other Cancers from MedPage Today:
* Teens Drink Healthy, but Guzzle Soda, Too - in Primary Care, Exercise & Fitness from MedPage Today:
* Prescription Pill Use Among Teens Leads to Heroin Addiction, NJ Experts Testify | The Partnership at
* Here's an odd one: Gun Owners Twice as Likely to Binge Drink as Those Without Firearms | The Partnership at
* Alcoholism Drug Shows Promise in Three Danish Studies | The Partnership at
* Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Can Lead to Nicotine Dependence in Preteens | The Partnership at
* Later Class Start Times in College Linked to Binge Drinking | The Partnership at
* Girls with ADHD More Likely Than Boys to Abuse Alcohol or Drugs | The Partnership at
* Washington State Court Allows Firing for Legal Use of Medical Marijuana | The Partnership at
* Alcohol Use Among Top Causes of Disability in Young People Worldwide | The Partnership at
* Nicotine's Effect on Brain Cells Found to Explain Why Smokers Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking
* Preschool May Reduce Risk of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Later in Life, Study Suggests | The Partnership at
* Growing Alcohol Sales Defy Sluggish Economy | The Partnership at
* Imaging Scans Show Daily Marijuana Use Can Have Negative Effect on Brain | The Partnership at
* Parents: Playground Bullies Often Grow into Abusive Adults - in Emergency Medicine, Domestic Violence:
* Alcohol Use Among Top Causes of Disability in Young People Worldwide | The Partnership at
* CA Bill Would Ban Retailers From Selling Alcohol Through Self-Service Checkouts | The Partnership at
* Women Smokers At High Risk of Reduced Blood Flow to Legs | The Partnership at
* Problem-Solving Therapy May Help Those Struggling with Depression and Substance Abuse | The Partnership at
* Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Teens More Likely to Smoke, Drink and Use Drugs | The Partnership at
* Medical News: ADHD Increases Risk of Substance Use Disorders - in Pediatrics, ADHD/ADD from MedPage Today:
* North Carolina Outlaws Sales of K2 and Bath Salts | The Partnership at
* Two Senators Ask Government to Shut Down Website Selling Illegal Drugs | The Partnership at
* Father'sSmoking May Lead to Daughter's Earlier Menopause | The Partnership at
* ADHD Increases Risk of Substance Abuse
* ADHD Children More Prone to Substance Abuse
* World Health Organization Says Tobacco Will Kill Almost 6 Million This Year | The Partnership at
* Study Finds ADHD Major Risk Factor for Developing Substance Use Disorders and Smoking | The Partnership at
* Push to Limit Hookah Bars Based on Health Concerns | The Partnership at
* To Steer Teens Clear of Substance Abuse, Keep Them Moving, Study Suggests | The Partnership at
* Georgia Approves Prescription Drug Monitoring Program | The Partnership at
* Medical News: Kids Who Sleep Less Gain More Weight - in Pediatrics, Obesity from MedPage Today
* Many New Jersey Parents Say Kids Get Alcohol and Prescription Drugs from Home | The Partnership at'
* Drunkorexia STILL a Concern on Some College Campuses | The Partnership at
* Kansas Requires First-Time Drunk Drivers to Use Ignition Interlock Devices on Cars | The Partnership at
* Report Estimates Illicit Drug Use Costs U.S. Economy More Than $193 Billion Annually | The Partnership at
* Senate Hearing Looks at Causes, Solutions for Prescription Drug Abuse | The Partnership at'
* Dissolvable' Tobacco Products Test-Marketed in Denver | The Partnership at
* Study Warns of Dangers of Buying 'Legal Highs' Online | The Partnership at
* Disney Dream Review: Non-Alcoholic Specialty Drinks - We are Disney junkies & are thrilled to share this:
* Drug-Related Suicide Attempts Rise Among Women 50 and Older | The Partnership at
* Smokers More Likely Than Nonsmokers to Die From Colon Cancer, Study Suggests | The Partnership at
* Laws About Involuntary Commitment for Substance Abuse Vary Widely Among States | The Partnership at
* Long-Time Smoking Ups Risk of Breast, Other Cancers - in Meeting Coverage, ASCO from MedPage Today
* FDA Recommends New Rules for Kids' Acetaminophen - in Washington-Watch,
* Family History of Common Form of Alcoholism May Increase Sensitivity to Alcohol | The Partnership at
* Study Finds Binge Drinking Associated with Impaired Memory in College Students | The Partnership at
* More Older Adults Seek Treatment for Substance Abuse | The Partnership at
* Report: Spice Can Cause Long-Lasting Psychosis | The Partnership at
* Texas House Passes Ban on Malt Liquor With Caffeine or Other Stimulants | The Partnership at
* Medical News: APA: Computers and Video Games Cut into Kids' Sleep - in Meeting Coverage, APA MedPage Today
* Medical News: No Higher Cardio Risk With ADHD Drugs - in Pediatrics, ADHD/ADD from MedPage Today
* Risk of Alcohol Abuse Rises After Gastric Bypass Weight-Loss Surgery | The Partnership at
* Snus: New Form of Smokeless Tobacco Courts Controversy | The Partnership at
* Letting teen drink under parent's watch backfires - Health - Kids and parenting -
* Ohio Doctor Convicted of Illegal Distribution of Prescription Painkillers | The Partnership at
* Veterans' Program Integrating Smoking Cessation With PTSD Treatment Expands | The Partnership at
* Teen Drinking Linked With Increased Recreational Computer Time | The Partnership at
* Several States Take Another Look at Medical Marijuana Laws | The Partnership at
* Bears player's suicide note: "Give my brain to the NFL Brain Bank" - MedPage Today Blogs - 26305
* African American Smokers Much More Likely Than Caucasians to Use Tobacco Quitline | The Partnership at
* Florida "Pill Mill" Bill Passes House and Senate; Governor Plans to Sign Measure | The Partnership at
* Oklahoma Bill Would Make Legal Alcohol Limit for Boaters Same as for Motorists | The Partnership at
* Bath Salts Drugs: Problems, Ingredients, Dangers, and More
* African American Smokers Much More Likely Than Caucasians to Use Tobacco Quitline | The Partnership at
* Tobacco-Free Policies May Reduce Completion Rates at Substance Abuse Treatment Centers | The Partnership at
* Hazelden Learn about wet house for dealing with chronic alcoholics. Sat/Sun 7:30am ET on Sanjay Gupta, MD